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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

A Poorly Maisie

Thanks for  popping in :)  I have been a little busy of late looking after my little Maisie, so not much blogging or crafting time.  Maisie had a visit to the vet last week after we found a small lump under her skin on her belly so as a precaution we booked her in for a check up with the vet.

Sadly the x-ray showed that poor Maisie had suffered some internal injuries, probably caused by being hit by a car which must have happened prior to us owning her as we got her from a private sale we saw on an Internet site advertising pets that needed re-homing when she was 3.5 years old.  This came as a huge shock to us both as we weren't expecting to hear anything other than news about the lump we had found.  Maisie's heart has become enlarged as her kidneys have been pushed up against it, her lungs were on top of each other, her liver had been completely flipped over and her diaphragm was damaged.  The surgery to put things back in place as best as possible, the repair of her diaphragm, the removal of the lump and a precautionary removal of her womb took the vet just over 4 hours.  As you can imagine Maisie has had to be watched over, pain killers and antibiotics given at regular intervals and kept quiet and lots of rest.  I am pleased to say that she is making good progress, her appetite is back to it's normal greedy self :) and she is much more lively, we just have to wait for the results of the lump that was removed and ease her back into a normal routine of walks and exercise.  

Really hope that Maisie's previous owners were not aware of these injuries before they advertised her for sale as I was so angry that she had suffered and they hadn't done anything for her and didn't mention anything to us when I asked about her health.  Anyway, she is in good hands now, she is loved and pampered by both myself and Kevin (he treats her like a baby!) :)

Hugs to you all.
Dawn x