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Sunday, 22 April 2012

New Project and First entry

I have eventually got round to starting my 'Scrapbook, Diary and Ideas' book.  This project has been in my mind for sometime now but in various different guises.  I am often flicking through craft magazines and thinking.  'Oh, that's pretty' or 'What a clever Idea' and more often than not... 'I want that!', but then the magazine gets put away and I can't remember which one I saw what in...Bet you've all been there! :)  I also see some fabulous scrapbook pages made by people who come to classes and groups at work and think I should be making the most of the photos I take, so here I can combine my book with the odd mini scrapbook page.  The idea of keeping a diary every day stems from the Christmas when I was about 10 and I received my first 5 year diary, needless to say I didn't enter something everyday but when I look back at the few things I did enter they bring back so many memories so hopefully the entries I make into this book will do the same for me in the future.  So here is is!